3 Wedding Updo Hairstyles That You’ll Fall In Love With

There are so many aspects that go into creating the perfect wedding look. What about your hair? If you’ve opted for a wedding updo hairstyle, then here are three styles that you’re sure to fall in love with for your big day.

A Low Bun

Meghan Markle helped to make the low bun a popular style for many. Now, it seems as though we can add our own spin on the look for our wedding updo. Some prefer to keep their hair as natural-looking as possible while others like to add some jeweled hairpins or flowers into their locks to add something a little extra.

3 Wedding Updo Hairstyles That You’ll Fall In Love With

A Headband

Just because you have opted for a wedding updo, doesn’t mean that you have to go without a headband. In fact, they can be the perfect way to add some extra detail into your hair. They look great with fishtail braids or a sweeping beehive if you plan on enjoying a more retro day. The best bit? There are plenty of faux flower options to save a little money, too.

3 Wedding Updo Hairstyles That You’ll Fall In Love With

A French Twist

A French twist is a unique way to wear your hair up for your wedding without having anything too in your face. It helps to keep your hair back from your face without opting for the usual bun or braided look. Plus, the twists and turns can be left as they are or decorated with small flowers to match your bouquet. The choice is all yours!

Walking down the aisle gives many of us to feel like a princess for the day. So why not make sure that all of your look is just the way you want it? These wedding updo hairstyles give a whole new way to add an extra element to your outfit for the big day while keeping your hair neatly out the way.