The 6 Universal, Unconditional Duties Of Being A Bridesmaid

Becoming a bridesmaid is the most exciting thing – not including becoming a bride, of course. But that doesn’t mean that it comes without a price. When it comes to weddings, bridesmaids are much more than just moral support and beautiful sidekicks for the bride…

A bridesmaid has a job to do – many, in fact. It won’t be easy. But for the ones we love, we want to do everything we can. And occasionally, we need to say no to the things that we simply can’t. But knowing the difference is key.

So, brides and bridesmaids alike, take note: here are the responsibilities that it’s fair and not fair to ask of a beloved bridesmaid…

The 6 Universal, Unconditional Duties Of Being A Bridesmaid

1. Buy a bridesmaid dress

Brides should first get the budget of their bridesmaids, and then everyone should cooperate to find a dress that is within reason. The budgets should average out to make sure that everyone is comfortable.

2. Get to that wedding

If it’s not a life or death situation, a bridesmaid must find her way to that wedding – and almost as importantly, the rehearsal.

3. Speak at the reception if requested

Whether it’s the rehearsal dinner or the wedding itself, this is your chance to let your friend know that this occasion is a happy one for everyone who loves them as well. If public speaking is truly an issue, you can let her know – she should know you well enough by now to approve the special request, or not.

4. Help plan and pay for the bridal shower and bachelorette party

Though the maid of honor is in official charge of the parties, bridesmaids are expected to participate in the brainstorming, planning, paying – and partaking!

The 6 Universal, Unconditional Duties Of Being A Bridesmaid

5. Help the bride with dress-shopping and other wedding-related tasks

A bride shouldn’t ask a dozen girls to all help with every little thing, but each person should be a team player for some phase of this wedding planning. When it’s your turn, make sure you prioritize your friend – she needs all the help she can get!


Unless there’s a death in your immediate family or you go into labor, your butt better be at the ceremony and reception, and you better be dancing. (At the latter, not the former. That would be awkward.) Sometimes a mellow crowd needs a few “sympathy dancers” to hit the dance floor and get the party started. The wedding party should always be a part of that group.

Being a bridesmaid can be on the expensive side…but hey, so can being a woman.