What to Look for in a Bridal Makeup Artist, According to Experts

bridal makeupFinding the perfect makeup artist for your wedding is both an exciting and somewhat nerve-wracking experience. Do you rely on personal references, or do you turn to artists you’re following on Instagram? Should you get a preliminary consultation, and what type of questions to ask? Find the answers to these and many other questions below!

How to Find a Bridal Makeup Artist

Celebrity makeup artist Mehak Oberoi says that at the beginning of the process, each future bride should understand that there is not a single right answer. To some brides, word-of-mouth recommendations may be the safe option they need, but to others, the solution may be to give an experimental artist whose work they admire a chance. Since trials aren’t currently possible in most places, she advises brides to do their homework beforehand, (and this includes the products they want their artist to use).

Both Oberoi and Bianca Louzado caution future brides not to trust every fancy Instagram photo because they have all been retouched. They advise you to look at pictures “where you can see skin,” as well as to focus on the one feature you want to accentuate – be it brows, lips, contouring, eyes, etc. Know your budget before you start contacting makeup artists, and don’t trust the number of followers an artist has because that doesn’t necessarily reflect their talent and/or professionalism.

Discuss Safety Precautions Beforehand

Regardless of how you go about choosing a bridal makeup artist, it’s important to discuss the safety measures before meeting in person. Whether that includes both sides bringing a negative test result, proof of vaccine, or another precaution, you need to make sure everyone is on the same page.

applying makeupOberoi advises that the makeup artist should use separate brushes, pencils, and tools when working on two or three people at the same time (such as the sister and the mother) and that if liquid formulas are used, the applicators should never come in direct contact with the skin. These and other aspects of your safety on your big day should be talked over with your artist to guarantee everyone’s well-being.