Bride Opts for a Henna Drawing Instead of the Traditional Blouse

Henna drawings are a traditional part of Indian marriage proceedings, but this modern bride has taken the concept up a notch. Chaitalee Patil decided not to wear a blouse on her special day and have it drawn on her chest, shoulder, and arm with henna instead. This daring decision resulted in gorgeous wedding attire and the images spread quickly throughout the internet!

Chaitalee Patil - Bride with henna The Henna Tradition Modernized

The gorgeous bride Chaitalee Patil is an Instagram freelance model and was the winner of Mrs. India Empress of Nation 2019 and Mrs. India Top Model 2019. Also a fashion influencer, Chaitalee has certainly inspired future brides to make bold and unconventional choices, as hers ended up being such a hit! The Mehndi ceremony is an ancient and honored Indian wedding tradition in which the henna paste is applied the night before the wedding, typically to the bride’s hands and arms. The paste itself is a natural product that’s associated with good luck and positive spirits. The color washes away over time which makes it perfect for temporary body art, and the application of the paste requires patience and precision. The ceremony of applying the paste is a way of wishing the bride prosperity, joy, and good health as she begins her marriage journey.

Henna powder and paste The Images Are Trending Across the Internet

On her wedding day, Chaitalee was wearing a yellow lehenga with a wide border. It was paired with green bangles and a bandhani dupatta. The matching earrings she chose are a stunning accessory. The Mehndi followed the shape of a traditional blouse and had an intricate floral pattern. Her daring choices delivered stunning results and might have inspired future brides to do the same. She upheld tradition but added her own flair to it and certainly made a statement. Will other brides decide to follow in this beauty queen’s footsteps in the future? Only time will tell!