Experience the Luxury of The Alpine Oasis in Chanel’s Aspen Boutique

Experience the Luxury of Alpine Oasis in Chanel’s Aspen Boutique

Aspen has certainly become synonymous with luxury over the past years. Once a quaint mountain village, this affluent ski resort town of today also houses a roster of top-tier brands like Fendi, Prada, and now, Chanel. Though only for a limited time, the fabled French fashion brand has marked its return to the mountaintop town with a newly opened boutique. Let’s have a look inside.

The Boutique

Sized at 3,353 square feet, the new Chanel boutique is located at the famous Benton Building of Aspen, Colorado, giving the historic landmark the quintessential Chanel treatment. Designed to attract the aspen skiers, the store is fully stocked with items for hitting the slopes in style, pieces unique to the brand, and many more. While the outlook seems to come straight from a winter wonderland postcard, the chic interior is completed with a black-and-white décor with splashes of golden accents. Tweed couches and plush fur pillows are scattered around for a warm welcome. Relaxed and intimate, the boutique seems like the perfect setting for the little breaks in between rounds on the snowy slopes.

The Collections

Experience the Luxury of Alpine Oasis in Chanel’s Aspen Boutique

The Aspen boutique of Chanel is filled to the brim with exclusive products, including a little bit of everything from the brand’s wide range of offerings. From beauty and accessories to ready-to-wear pieces and shoes a la resort 2022, shoppers are bound to get their hands on something that resonates with their choices. The Coco Neige collection is specially designed for those who are looking for an après-ski lineup with a distinctive style. With goggles, snow boots, gloves, jackets, and many other items, the line is solely dedicated to upgrading a standard winter sports wardrobe. Adventure enthusiast or not, these pieces are great for revamping any cold-weather closet with the characteristic touch of Chanel. For now, this pop-up store is open only for one month, so make haste!