Understanding the Difference Dip Powder and Gel Manicures

The traditional manicure has evolved with the introduction of new styles and designs. There are many manicure styles to choose from extensions to dip powders, gels, and even acrylics. Each of them has its individuality and comes with its pros and cons. This article will highlight the main differences between dip nail powder and gel manicures.

Application Process

Gel manicures are very similar to regular nail polish. The application process between the two is very easy to spot. You can add extra coats if you want and cure them with LED or UV lamps. On the other hand, the application process of dip manure starts with a primer or base coat. Before the coat dries up, you need to dip your fingers into the colored powder.

Lasting Powder

The last powder can last for around 2-3 weeks when appropriately applied in the case of a gel manicure. People with oily or weak nails have to be careful as the nails are prone to chipping and breaking. On the other hand, dip nail powder lasts longer than the gel ones and retains its beauty for close to five weeks.

Removal Process

You can easily remove gel manicures that are much shorter than dip manicures. In both cases, the top layer is gently taken off, and then the nails are soaked in water after filling them. However, with gel manicures, you can remove them by using a cotton ball-dipped acetone solution. In the case of dip manicures, you would need to put your fingers into a bowl of acetone.

A Final Note on Dip Nail Powders and Gel Manicures

Although some parts of the procedure may seem alike between dip and gel manicures, there is a difference in the time it takes to do them. If you are confused about which one to opt for, you can always ask your manicurist about what will suit you.