Five Wedding Hairstyles That Will Transform You Into Disney Princesses

We’ve all been there. For years, you’ve had your eyes fixated on the beautiful characters of your favorites Disney princesses, and you thought to yourself, “I would love to have my hair like that one day!” Well, why not recreate one of these Disney hairstyles on your wedding day?

Snow White

disney 2

It could potentially be devastating if you cut your hair too short for your big day. However, we believe we have the answer that will allow you to look like Snow White. Instead of cutting the hair, you can fake it by adding curls, making a loose braid from strands. Then, you can put it into a cute bob.


disney 3

This style has more of a classic approach to it. By wrapping your curls into a bun, this will allow you to tease the crown. Use an accessory like a headband and before you know it, you’ll be wearing glass shoes and your way to your own ball.

Princess Jasmine

disney 6

Then, there’s always the option of going for a good old ponytail like Aladdin‘s very own Princess Jasmine. All you need to do once the ponytail is in place is to add some wedding style ribbons and you’re good to go! Or, you can try a fishtail braid.


disney 4

How about a wedding under the sea? In order to get the wild, bouncy head of hair that the little mermaid possesses, all you need is a good blowdryer. With a little assistance from somebody with a brush, you will be a Disney mermaid in no time.


disney 5

Why not try the half up – half down style? This is the way to achieve the look of one of the most iconic Disney women of all time – Belle. The heroine of Beauty And The Beast was played by Emma Watson in the live-action remake, and the actress has also rocked the hairdo.