A Handful Of Bridal Makeup Tips To Enhance Your Big Day

Choosing your wedding makeup can be one of the toughest decisions on your big day. So there are some fantastic makeup looks that are going to blow you away.

makeup 1

Experiment With Color

Use a purplish-pink shadow and apply it to your eyelids. This will help to change the color of the corners. Also, you can use a black eyeliner and apply matching lipstick to complete the look.

Berry Blush

Why not have some lined lids to create a pleasant, berry-esque look? Also, softly blush the cheeks.

Pale Pink

Go for a pale pink look and use a brown shade on the top of your eyes. In the “V” corner of your eyes, you can also apply a touch of a champagne color.

Shadows of Gold

A gold shadow will help create an understated, but mysterious look. Then, on the top of your eyelid, apply a hint of brown. With a bit of pink blush, you’re good to go.

makeup 2

Line Up

Apply eyeliner to the top and bottom of your eyes. Then, to make things a little smoky, why not apply a bit of black shadow to your lids? Finally, faintly bronze the cheeks.

Emphasize The Eyes

Using a light pink on your top lids is bound to have an amazing effect. Then, with a hint of peach, blush the cheeks and apply a bit of rose lipstick.

Earth Tones

With a couple of earthy tones, you’ll be able to take on the world. Just make sure to avoid the lips.

Bronze It Up

On your eyes, cheeks and lips, use a couple different shades of bronze and you’ll be the monochrome talk of the town. Either that, or a dusty rose will do the trick. Make sure to apply to your lids, lips and cheeks for a look that perfectly balances youth and class.

makeup 3

Finishing Touches

Finally, why not go for smoky brown? This way, you will achieve an earthy and beautiful look. With an apricot blush for the finishing touches, apply to your cheeks.