How To Take Flawless Photos At Your Wedding

On your wedding day, you want to look your best and of course, you want the pictures to look amazing. Brides want to get their most flattering angles and the couple wants to be as photogenic as possible. However, it is important that you work with your photographer to understand the best lighting and poses.

Here are the top tips from a wedding photographer which will result in you achieving that flawless wedding album.

Mirror Practice

If you’ve mastered the selfie that you are posting on your social media, then you are set. It might sound narcissistic but perfecting your angle and pose in the mirror will help you for your big day.


Joke Around

Every couple has that perfect picture when they are looking at each other and laughing as if nothing and no one else matters. In many cases, those laughing shots are real if you can get your partner to crack some jokes.


Close Your Eyes

It might sound strange but pictures with your eyes closed can turn out beautiful and emotional. When the bride and groom are leaning on each other with their eyes closed it gives off that dreamy look. Just don’t fall asleep!


Speak Up

Photographers can often take pictures of you which you are not comfortable with so if you don’t like them, speak up! It’s all about communication to get your best pictures.


You And The Camera

When taking bridal pictures, keep your bridal party and family well away. It will make you more stressed and that will be seen in the pictures, stay as comfortable as possible and take your time.


Pose For Your Body

Brides come in all different shapes and sizes, certain angles will really work for some people while for others, they will not. Angling your body off center will give you a more slimline look. Remember to practice before!


Get The Face Right

If you want a great wedding album, make sure you have a variety of facial expressions for the album. Of course, you should smile, but the more serious shots can make for some emotional and heartwarming photos.


Do Your Research

Make sure to scan Instagram and Pinterest accounts to find poses that you like and backgrounds that work for you. Photographers will have a better understanding of what you want to look like. It’s not replicating someone else’s wedding, it’s taking inspiration.


Don’t Be Cheap

Wedding costs can add up quickly. However, one thing that you shouldn’t cut costs on is your wedding photographer. Many photographers who are cheap give out low-quality photos or their cameras aren’t as good. You want your pictures to be the best they can be.


Don’t Overthink It

Try to relax in front of the camera. Don’t feel intimidated by the photographer, they are there to make you look great. Be natural and play around with your partner to get as organic pictures as possible. It’s the happiest day of your life and your photos should reflect that.