3 Natural Makeup Looks to Complete Your Bridal Look!

One of the most important days in a woman’s life is her wedding day. Everything should be perfect – the decor, the food, the seating arrangements and especially her look! And the one thing that can make her shine throughout is her makeup! Makeup can essentially make or break a look. There are two types of brides – one who wants to go all out with the glam quotient, and one who wants to keep her looks natural and subtle. Even though a natural look might seem easy, it’s actually much more difficult to pull off – ask any makeup artist! So for all the brides going for natural-looking makeup, here are three looks to try out!

A Touch of Pink

A rosy bride glows differently. For this natural look, you can opt for a subtle wing or liner, blush up your cheeks (hold the blush), and choose a pinkish nude lip color. The combination looks effortlessly beautiful, while keeping it subtle and understated.

Naturally Smokey

Eyes are the window to the soul, they can say everything you want to say. And nothing can be better than your eyes doing a dramatic dance while you say ‘I do’. The key to achieving a naturally smokey look lies in your execution of the eyeshadow – it should be skillfully smokey. Everything else about the look is minimal. The eyes are the star of this looks like you’re the star at your wedding!

No-Makeup Look

Successfully getting the no-makeup makeup look is one of the highest achievements for any makeup artist. For this look, stick to the bare minimum. Some foundation, a hint of concealer, and some color on your lips and cheeks. Skip everything that seems skippable – lashes, lip liner, contour, bronzer. It’ll be you but looking like the best version of yourself and there can be no higher compliment.