One Month Beauty Countdown Before The Big Day

You have hit the one-month countdown on your calendar and it is time to start preparations for the wedding. Although everything should be more or less in place, here are the finishing touches to make the day as perfect as it can be.

Snip Off The Split Ends

Your hairdresser should have been chosen and your style tried and tested. So what else is there to do? Xavier Velasquez, a hair stylist at John Frieda, recommends seeing your stylist four to six weeks leading up to the big day to shape your current style. “Avoid any big changes [at this point] especially if you have already done a trial run for how you will style hair on the wedding day.”

If you’re wearing your hair down, he suggests going in one to two weeks before the wedding for a trim to snip off those dead ends without touching the length.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Nerves are kicking in, and this is certainly easier said than done, but aim to get those precious eight hours in every night. If this is a struggle try to spend your days using more energy for a better night’s sleep. “This might require prioritizing exercise and avoiding sleep-busting habits like binge-watching TV before bed or drinking caffeine late in the day,” says expert Theresa Fisher from Casper. Whatever works for you, do it!

Get That Grill Glowing

With a high-definition camera in your face on the day all day, it is no wonder teeth whitening is a recommendation for this month. Dr. Lana Rozenberg DDS at Rozenberg Dental NYC recommends the Zoom! QuickPro whitening treatment.

“This is a perfect treatment for the bride with a busy schedule since it is super fast, taking only 10 minutes in the office including the application of the whitening gels and instructions.” This treatment is supposed to work very quickly, meaning it can be demoted to the bottom of the to-do list!

Step Up Your Game

With just weeks left you are trying hard to power through the diet that you have managed to uphold for the past 10 months (or not!). With sparing time left, it is important to up your game and add in another workout, another hour, or even an extra day to your workout schedule. It is time to get that heart pumping and those glands sweating because there is no more time to lose.