Wedding Manicure Ideas That You Can Nail at Home

Planning a wedding isn’t easy, and while most brides spend their days worrying about table plans, cake toppers, decorations, outfits, and so much more, they often neglect their nails. However, when you think about it, your hands and your nails are pretty important. When the rings are exchanged and you’re signing your marriage certificate, all eyes are going to be on your hands. So, why not nail your own wedding manicure at home?

Wedding Manicure Ideas That You Can Nail at Home

The Metallic Mani

If you’re the kind of bride that wants sparkles at her wedding day, then why not add some sparkles to your nails as well? Metallic nail polish can look great when paired with the color of your rings, as they can really bring out the shine in the band and the jewels. If you have gold rings, opt for a gold metallic mani. If you have silver rings, choose something silver instead.

The Classic White Mani

There are many brides out there who plan their wedding to be as traditional as possible, and if you’re one of those brides, then you might want the same to be said about your manicure. Thankfully, there’s nothing more traditional than a classic white mani. It’s fresh, it’s clean, and it will match your wedding gown perfectly. What could be better than that?

Wedding Manicure Ideas That You Can Nail at Home

The Embellished Mani

If your wedding dress is laden with crystals, jewels, and diamonds, then it would be rude not to continue that trend on your nails. It’s now easier than ever to DIY your own embellished manicure at home, as you can buy all kinds of jewels and other embellishments online. This way, you can choose how much or how little you want to add to your nails. Either way, we bet it will look fabulous.

Looking to do your own wedding manicure at home? Well, it couldn’t be easier. These wedding manicure ideas are stunning and simple at the same time.