Ally Love Is Set For an Exceptional Impactful Wedding Planned with Purpose

Creating a wedding registry together, and going for department-hopping to choose and pick the perfect, priciest gifts and pieces of goods, which likely won’t be used again, is a tiring ordeal for any couple. Unorthodox couple Ally Love and Andrew Hayes have come up with an out-of-the-box solution for this waste of money and effort. They have created an impactful wedding registry and every aspect of the entire wedding experience, filled with fun and happiness not only for them but also for a larger section of society through charity.

The Wedding Planning

The celebrity Peloton instructor got engaged with her 10 years long partner on Christmas Eve last year and is about to get hitched during this summer. They are going to bring families and close friends together for a destination wedding outside the country with a pandemic-safe arrangement of celebration. The couple has arranged a purposeful wedding and has created a registry with a specific intention. They have collaborated with the famous multipurpose wedding platform ‘The Knot’ to plan the entire ceremony, including wedding invites through ‘The Knot Invitations’. They have also booked BIPOC vendors to inclusively work on various details of the wedding planning. The wedding registry put together by them, through ‘The Knot Registry’, supports and helps alternative entrepreneurship and diverse voices worldwide. There is also planning of ongoing charity registration on the venue, which will provide contribution opportunities to the Armour Dance Theatre in Miami. This institution and its instructor Ruth Weisen, both are very special for Ally. This very foundation helped her a lot through its grants during her struggling youth.

The Acting Vision

Planning their upcoming big day in such an impactful way, was easy for Ally and her fiancé, as the vision has always been a part and parcel of their thoughtful personalities and unique considerate lifestyle. Partnership with The Knot was crucial for their patronage to women and Black indigenous people of color. Given priority to purposeful planning, the couple wants their wedding to provide an inclusive platform highlighting women of color and BIPOC creators, business owners, and vendors within a cohesively operating space.