What Should You Actually Expect From Your Bridal Party?

Determining the exact role your bridal party will play in the lead-up to your wedding and on the big day can often be a tricky task that asks brides to toe the line between being needy, being a bridezilla, and being completely swallowed by stress. If you’re worried about what you should really ask of your bridesmaids, here’s a good guide to make sure your expectations aren’t blown out of proportion.

It’s perfectly normal to expect that your bridesmaids will help you get everything you need done on the lead-up to your big day. Need someone to pick up flowers? There’s nothing wrong with asking one of the girls to help you out. It’s also a nice idea to have their input when it comes to choosing their own accessories or making things run smoothly at the wedding itself. Just don’t overdo it.

You also shouldn’t be afraid to ask your bridal party for advice when it comes to the small details of your wedding. Brides should just be cautious that they don’t totally overlook their friends’ needs at the same time.

You should also be aware of how much you’re asking your friends to spend on all of their wedding necessities, which includes expenses not just for their outfits on the big day, but also the work and money they’ll put into the bachelorette party and bridal shower.

Your bridesmaids, of course, are not just there to do your bidding, however. Even while they may be the ones to make sure you’re taken care of during the wedding itself, they need acknowledgment from you that you understand the work they’re putting in. It’s important for all brides to give a meaningful gift to their bridal party after the big day is over and done with, just to show them how important they really are.