Fun Games To Include At Your Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is where the party starts. Perhaps you want a way to keep your guests entertained, or you want to plan a reception with a difference? Whatever the case, here are some fun games to include at your wedding reception.


Croquet is one of the most fun games to include at a garden-themed wedding. Your guests can spend hours on the course and meet new friends.


Simply leave a bucket of dares on each table and let your guests loose. This can be an excellent way for everyone to meet other people.

The Shoe Game

The shoe game is great for any newlyweds. The bride and groom sit back to back with one of each of their shoes in each hand. Then, they get to answer questions by raising one of the shoes into the air.

Wheel Of Fun

Giant wheel? Check. List of fun things to do? Check. Now, you’re good to go! Your guests can have fun spinning the wheel all night and going through with the action on the card.


It’s a simple yet effective fun game at a wedding reception. The best bit? You can use the Jenga pieces as your guestbook at the end of the night.

Board Games

This is an easy way to include fun games at your wedding reception. Merely leave a selection on a designated table and let your guests go wild.


Who doesn’t love a good piñata? You can get all your guests involved and fill it with plenty of sweet treats to enjoy after dessert.

Picture Scavenger Hunt

The idea is simple. Write a list of things your guests need to photograph throughout the night. The table that completes it the quickest wins!

There are so many fun games to include at your wedding reception, the question is: how will you ever decide which ones to choose?