Top 3 Amazing Perks of Having a Winter Wedding

A sun-kissed summer wedding maybe your childhood dream, but you certainly didn’t think in detail about the coming sweat under the dress, damped hair under the bun, and the long wait for venue and vendor bookings. Bummer, right? But with a winter wedding, you can avoid all these hazards and get a perfectly dreamy bash of your own choice, at your own time. Here are a few awesome advantages of having your own winter wedding wonderland!

Good Riddance From Humidity

The first and foremost advantage of having a winter wedding is less or zero humidity. When it comes to weather, you can always play with showy layers, but during hotter months, well, you can’t exactly take your clothes off, no matter how sweaty you are! So a winter wedding will relieve you from ending up as a hot mess on the aisle or the first dance floor. And trust us, both your makeup and hair will thank you.

More Venue Options in Better Rates

Winter is the perfect time to take the advantage of summer wedding rush! What we mean is the same locations, caterers, and vendors, which used to come with long queues for booking and hefty price tags during the wedding season of summer, become easily available during winter months at a lower price. As the winter months are not that busy like other seasons, the attention of the planner will most likely be focused on your special occasion only, without any distraction or haste of the next event.

Something Out Of Ordinary

A winter wedding is simply something different! From color palate to décor, floral arrangements to cozy lights, there are plenty of elements to play with the seasonal tone to create a standing-out bespoke theme for your big day. If romantic is your style, go for winter shades like snowy white or icy blue and add lots of greenery with twinkling festive lights. On contrary, for a rustic cozy vibe, drape the venue in woody texture and deep hues with soft moody lights, and experiment with branches, dried blooms, and pine cones in décor. And if you are blessed with a sprinkling snowfall, that’s the cherry on top! Your stunning dreamy snowy wedding photos will surely rival any sun-drenched summer wedding snapshots.