The Ultimate Checklist For Wedding Decorations

Cake? Check. Dress? Check. Invitations? Check. You might have already started your wedding checklist, or you could still be at the very beginning. Whatever the case, this is the ultimate checklist for wedding decorations.

Ceremony Decoration Checklist

Although it’s the most significant part of the day, your guests will spend the least amount of time at the ceremony. That means you can save a few bucks on the decorations. Some things to remember are decorations for the altar, anything you want along the aisle, and a welcome sign. Some couples also opt for programs for each of their guests and an aisle runner.

Table Decor Checklist

Centerpieces and table numbers will take center stage when it comes to your wedding table decorations. From there, it’s time to think about any name cards you need, tablecloths, and extra drinkware if you want to match this to your theme. Just don’t forget the chair decorations for the bride and groom. After all, you need to sit in style after your big day, right? You can save some money on flowers by decorating the cake table with your bridesmaid’s bouquets if you like.

Reception Decoration Checklist

This is where your guests will spend most of their time. So what wedding decorations do you need? Lighting and a dance floor are two crucial things to remember. Then, it’s time to think about any hanging decorations, signs you may need, and a potential lounge area for people to chill out. You may even want to invest in a backdrop to use behind the head table.

The ultimate checklist for wedding decorations means you should have everything covered when it comes to decorating your big day. It’s best to think about where our guests will spend most of their time when you’re dividing the decoration budget to ensure you spend your money wisely.