Here Are Some Amazing Vegan Dessert Options for Your Wedding Menu

These days, planning a wedding menu has gotten even trickier. People have a multitude of diet preferences, and sometimes it can be tough to come up with items that’ll satisfy the guests without upsetting anyone. One of the more popular dietary preferences these days is veganism. One of the problems of going vegan is finding desserts. However, these days, there’s a multitude of options you can choose from that’ll satisfy your sweet tooth while remaining true to the diet. Read on to learn five vegan ways you can serve your guests dessert.

Put a Candy Table Together

There are a lot of candies on the market which fall under the umbrella of veganism. These include Sour Patch Kids, Skittles, and Twizzlers – all popular fan favorites. Add these to your dessert stations, along with some other candies that are vegan. You can even get customized bars for your station! Add some colorful boxes for decor and remember to label these candies!

Bake Some Vegan Brownies

Because a large chunk of the population is now adopting veganism as part of their life, there are a lot of recipes floating around for making almost everything vegan. One such popular item is brownies. For a vegan dessert at your wedding, opt for having brownies on the menu. You never know, many guests might not even be able to tell the difference between the regular ones and the vegan ones. They may even find the latter better!

Chose Some Popsicles

Surprise, surprise! Popsicles are mostly vegan and, hence, a perfect addition to your dessert station. If you’re having a summer wedding, there’s nothing better than a variety of flavors of these delicious iced bars to make your guests happy. They’re easy, they’re flavourful, and they’re generally a favorite with people – especially kids. You can display them beautifully in a bucket of ice for some decoration or even put them in ice lolly holders! Place some fresh fruit, corresponding to the flavors, around the area to delight your guests.

Cut a Vegan Cake

The easiest way to add vegan desserts to your menu is to opt for a vegan cake. Today, almost all flavors can be replicated with a vegan recipe. Not to mention, sometimes vegan cakes are an even bigger hit than dairy ones. However, making the right choice when it comes to the quantity of the cake is very important. If only a few people have opted for vegan options, having a single-tiered vegan cake might make more sense. If you’re going for an entirely vegan menu, then having a multi-tiered vegan cake would be a good option.

Experiment With Fresh Fruit

Gone are the days when a fruit’s only job was to be cut and eaten! Now, fresh fruit can be prepped, grilled, seasoned, and drizzled on! For a plant-based diet, let fresh fruits shine on the table. Options like grilled peaches and some handcrafted sorbet make for an amazing dessert choice and can be the perfect vegan end to a delicious meal.