Bridal Gown On-The-Go! Bride Hand-Knits Her Wedding Dress on NYC Subway

When it comes to tailor-made bridal looks, there are few brave-heart brides, who can take the concept up a notch. Esther Andrews is one of them, who has taken the matter literally into her own hands. Designer and TikTok star Andrews has hand-knitted her own wedding dress from scratch. The video of her nine-month journey has now acquired over 430,000 views.

The Viral Video

The video shows Andrews knitting her wedding dress while traveling on the NYC Subway. Through the nine months period, she regularly sewed the dress together, measured ruffles, and decorated the gown with little embroidered tomatoes. Andrews was nervous at the time of the test run while putting all the separate pieces together. But the result went brilliantly. According to her TikTok video, she added the knitted tomatoes then and finally finished the dress just a day before the wedding.

The Dreamy Dress

The finished dress complements Andrews’s fun-loving personality. According to her, the inspiration for both bride and groom outfits was ‘space pirate meets tomato patch’. Her handmade out-worldly bridal gown has a deep V neckline, with flouncy ruffles on each side. Creating a vintage-inspired lace effect, the gown flows into multiple tiers and layers. The sleeves are tapered in beginning, before expanding mid-way into a wide bell shape. The mid-length sleeves also have ruffles at the end. Irregularly placed little hand-knit tomatoes finally complete the whimsical effect.

The Final Look

Andrews revealed her final wedding look in another TikTok video. Black hand-beaded ‘starry sky’ tights and ivory printed strappy heels complemented her ethereal look perfectly. Matching with her inspiration idea, the grooms-wear resembled an astronaut outfit. Decorative patches and badges added a dash of fun. According to Andrews, she designed and created her groom’s attire too.

With all this on-hand expertise and her prior professional experience in NYC, Andrews has practically hand-made her way into the bridal fashion industry. Back in her hometown Indiana, her eponymous label ‘Esther Andrews Bridal’ is now creating sustainable knitwear collections for exceptional brides.