Why Are More Brides Renting Their Wedding Dress?

Getting married means plenty of planning – including finding the perfect dress. There have been plenty of dress trends over the years, and it could be time to embrace another for your big day. Just why are more brides renting their wedding dress?

Save Some Money

One of the biggest reasons that more brides are renting their wedding dress is to keep costs low. Rather than forking out for a brand new dress, you only need to pay a hiring fee. That’s it! You don’t need to worry about paying for alterations or the expensive price tag that many carry.

Forget Maintenance

A rented wedding dress means that all the maintenance costs go out the window. You won’t have to think about paying to have your gown cleaned at the end of the night as you simply hand the dress back and let the store do the rest of the work.

Join A Sustainable Trend

A great reason that more brides are renting their wedding dress is to keep things as sustainable as possible. Most wedding dresses have a one-time-use. However, using a rented gown means the garments have a long shelf life as they get shown off time after time.

Get Access To Designer Names

Did you know that many wedding dress rentals are filled with designer names? That’s right; you could get the chance to wear some of the biggest names in fashion for a fraction of the price. Whoever would have thought a designer name could be in the budget after all?

There are plenty of reasons that more brides are renting their wedding dress. Renting a gown for your own big day can help to save the planet and could even save you a few dollars, too. Perhaps it’s time to jump on one of the hottest new wedding trends on the market?