Fashion Designer Dilara Findikoglu Has Her Own Take On Bridal Wear

We’ve all heard the term, “less is more,” but not for Turkish British designer, Dilara Findikoglu, who has an eye for fantastical gothic romances. In fact, most of her collections are known to be dramatic with spiritual meaning and now she is launching her very own bridal collection.


However, before you start picturing pure white goodness, you better think again. This “bridal” collection has been inspired by her friends and the myriad ways they express their love. This is a far cry away from any traditional notions of wedding day attire, and Findikoglu is bringing her own vision to bridal wear.

“I want to push people to rethink love, and rethink the traditions and the way they limit us,” she says. Therefore, Findikoglu has created enormous gowns with romantic suiting, with some smothered in ruffles, and one that’s completely sheer on top. Not very bridal-esque if you ask us!


“I have a single girl in [the photos] because if I’m questioning love, love shouldn’t only be about two people,” says the designer. “It’s also about self-love,” she says speaking of the revealing number worn in the lookbook by British activist and rising model, Saffiyah Khan.

“I wanted to do a project that celebrated love without thinking of any boundaries of race or gender or anything like that,” she says. “I think there’s something missing in the bridal industry. There are no wedding clothes for female-female couples or male-male couples, and I think if you are a stylish person and want to get married, you should be able to get access to amazingly made clothing that doesn’t look like other dresses out there.”


Moreover, Findikoglu’s says, “I like pushing boundaries and the shock element a little bit. Something revolutionary,” and all her pieces will be made-to-measure to allow her to amplify her work when suitable.