Amazing Fall Shoe Trends Perfect For Brides

Oftentimes, brides are so caught up in finding the perfect dress, choosing the perfect bridesmaid look, and planning the perfect wedding, that they forgot to think about how fashion forward their footwear can be.

Luckily, the hottest looks this fall just happen to be perfect for brides. The latest footwear trends all lean towards classic shapes with a modern twist. The color of the season? A crisp white.


Don’t think that these white shoes are only for your wedding day. Consider them as options for every wedding related event you do in the lead up to walking down the aisle. From a pair of flats to boots to stilettos, you’ll find something for every occasion, no matter how mundane, but rendered in a snowy white, every day will feel like an exciting wedding related event.


If you’re worried that all white shoes might get a bit boring, never fear. Many of our favorite pairs are accented with graphic elements, from chunky heels, eye catching black details, or minimalist boots that are noteworthy because they’re so uniform.

You can also change things up by taking advantages of the different textured fabrics being used this season. It’s not all about plain leather or satin. You can find dramatic shoes covered in sequins, which might be just the thing to complete your wedding day look, or a pair of lace covered pumps.


This fall’s shoe trend is not just for the fashion forward. While some styles are more dramatic than others, even the most classical minded bride can find something that speaks to her aesthetic.

For those who do love a trendy shoe, something seasonal doesn’t have to be relegated for the big day only. Pick a pair that you’ll feel comfortable wearing after the big day as well, and bring a bit of your special day into the rest of your life.