When NOT to Wear Your Engagement Ring

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As exciting as it is to receive an engagement ring, and as tempting as it is to wear it all the time, there are certain situations that simply aren’t right for that piece of jewelry. If you want to keep your engagement ring safe and in pristine condition, you’ll have to part with it for certain occasions. Read on to find out when you shouldn’t wear your engagement ring.

Working Out

Exercising may be healthy for your body, but it’s not so healthy for your engagement ring. Not only do you run the risk of weights or some other equipment accidentally banging or snagging on the stone, but the ring’s metal itself can be at risk. Jewelry expert David Watling explains, “The materials used in diamond jewelry, platinum, and gold are, to a certain degree, soft. If the shape of a ring is bent enough, you then risk bending the claws that hold the diamond and your diamond falling out.”

Moisturizing and Doing Hair and Makeup

Moisturizer and other lotions can give your diamond a cloudy look. Lotions tend to build up on stones, creating a film that will dull your diamond’s brilliance. In order to keep your ring perfectly sparkly, make sure any lotions or creams are completely dried from your hands before putting your ring back on.

Similar to moisturizers, makeup, and hair creams can also have a dulling effect on your diamond. If you do happen to get that cloudy film on your ring, don’t worry, there’s a way to fix it. Watling recommends gently rinsing your ring in a mixture of hot water and dishwashing liquid. He says to then “dry your jewelry with a cotton or linen towel before using a polishing cloth for a sparkling finish.”

Swimming and Showering

Whether you plan to swim at the beach or in a pool, take your ring off before entering the water. Water will naturally shrink your fingers, meaning your ring can easily slide off and get lost in the ocean. As for pools, chlorine will damage and discolor the band. If you’re planning a beach or pool day, leave your engagement ring at home. If you really want to take it with you, put it in a ring box and keep it in your bag when you go into the water.

There’s really no part of showering that’s safe for an engagement ring. The ring can slip off your finger, thanks to the water and soap creating a slippery effect, and fall down the drain. Furthermore, various soaps and oils will make the ring dull and cloudy. Lastly, exfoliating can scratch your engagement ring.

Cleaning and Cooking

Make sure to take off your engagement ring before cleaning. It’s very easy to accidentally bang your ring against a hard surface while scrubbing vigorously. Moreover, there are a lot of cleaning chemicals, such as bleach, that can discolor your ring. Also, do you really want your beautiful and precious ring on your hand while that hand is scrubbing the toilet bowl? We think not.

Cooking can also harm your ring as food can get lodged into the setting. Furthermore, it’s dangerously easy to bang something against the stone or scratch the band with a knife or peeler while cooking.

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As unpleasant as it is to take your engagement ring off, doing so during these activities will ensure that the ring truly does last forever.