A Rare Pink Diamond of 18.18 Carats Might Go on Sale for $35 Million

For those who always wanted to have a big stone for their ring, well, here is the good news. Now, like royals and celebrities, anyone can rock a huge stone at their engagement or wedding. There is a rare 18.18-carat diamond expected to go on sale soon. What makes this diamond so different from others is its color, and with the right money, anyone can have a chance to own it.

The Auction

A stunning pink diamond in the shape of a pear with two small diamonds on its side is expected to be auctioned in Geneva, Switzerland, at a Christie’s sale of rare jewels. Based on the auction house’s estimates, this beautiful piece of jewelry could sell for around $35 million. The Fortune Pink Diamond is one of the largest diamonds of this color to be put up for auction in history. Max Fawcett, the head of the jewelry department at Christie, not only assures of its quality but also believes the color is exceptional. According to him, this is the first time in a long time that such a clean and beautiful gem has come up for auction at Christie’s.

The Rare Jewel

This is the first time people will see a diamond of such a pure pink color. Pink diamonds, in most cases, show shades of other colors like orange, purple, gray, or brown; this is not the case for Fortune Pink. Furthermore, the description notes that less than 10% of fancy vivid pink diamonds weigh more than one-fifth of a carat, making it extraordinarily rare to discover a stone this big and this vibrant. At present, other than the pink beauty, a Golden Canary diamond of 303 carats is on auction at Sotheby’s. The estimated cost of that shiny diamond is about $15 million. Only time will tell which diamond is going to set the new record.