Here’s a Guide to Popular Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Choosing the right wedding dress is a task. There are so many options, from the fabrics to cuts, to the length, that dress shopping often leaves brides frazzled. To make things simpler, here’s a rundown of some popular wedding dress silhouettes that you can opt for.


A-Line is a universally loved silhouette that you can’t really go wrong with. This wedding dress has a fitted bodice with a flared-out skirt, like the letter A. A-Line wedding dresses suit all body types, and their shape makes them the best choice for pear-shaped and curvy brides!


If your aesthetic is minimalistic, and ‘less is more’ is your mantra, then a slip dress might be the one for you. The silhouette is chic and sophisticated, making it a perfect blend of glam without doing too much. You can always add more detail to your simple slip dress, like back detailing or a code neck, for the oomph factor.

Tea Length

If you’re looking for something traditional with a nod to the modern, then the tea-length silhouette is the one to go for. The vintage charm and the tea length of the dress make it an unconventional choice but, for some brides, it’s the perfect way to showcase their style. The best part? The dress has a recyclable quality, and you can easily wear it even after your wedding.


The mermaid cut is a popular choice amongst brides because of its chic and elegant shape. The silhouette is fitted all the way from the chest to the knees, at which point it flares outward till the end. This type of dress puts emphasis on the waist and the hips, making them the highlight of the outfit. With this type of dress, the right shapewear can make a wealth of difference. The conventional choice looks absolutely gorgeous and is a choice to be considered.

Ball Gown

Just as the name suggests, this silhouette is for brides who want to glide down the aisle like a princess. This dress has everything – volume, drama, and of course, the feel of a wedding. The fitted bodice and the flared-out skirt make for a dress to be remembered forever. Such silhouettes are especially good for bustier and slim-hipped people. A tip for if this is your style – keep your other embellishments in the dress to a minimum as the skirts are additions enough by themselves.