How To Shop For A Sustainable Wedding Outfit

Many of us are always looking for new ways that we can do our bit for the planet. Planning a wedding is no exception. Here’s how to shop for a sustainable wedding outfit to add a touch of something green to your big day.

Research The Brand

Brands are often open about their values and how they source the materials and work that goes into making a wedding outfit. If they’re not, you may want to find a new brand. A sustainable wedding outfit comes from a factory that promotes all rights, locally sourced materials, and has a low carbon footprint, among other aspects.

Think About Second Hand

Do you really need to get a brand new wedding outfit? Second-hand gowns have usually only been worn once, meaning they are in practically perfect condition. As well as finding a sustainable way to dress for your wedding, you could also save some pennies, too.

Re-Think A Traditional Dress

Many brides dream of the big, white dress. However, if you’re willing to break the rules a little, then you could find a more sustainable wedding outfit. This means investing in a look that you can repurpose and rewear at another time rather than saving it just for the big day.

Consider A Rental

Renting is another excellent option when looking for a sustainable wedding dress. You can have your pick of the best names in the world without sealing its fate for a one-time-wear only. All you need to do is pick your favorite look and return it to the store once you are done.

You may have heard of something blue, but what about adding something green to your big day? It turns out there are plenty of ways that we can shop for a sustainable wedding outfit without having to make compromises for the ceremony.