4 Ways to Style Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Band

We all know the Roman tradition of wearing the wedding band on your left ring finger since it is believed that the vein there is directly connected to the heart. But if you want to ditch the traditional ways and shake things up, you can try these alternative styles to wear your engagement and wedding bands. These ways are recommended by the founder of the fine jewelry brand Eriness, Erin Sachse.

Choose Your Right Hand

Even though traditionally the left hand is preferred for the engagement ring, to change things up, you can switch it to the right hand. And if you feel your left hand is empty, you can move your wedding band to the left. Although, some cultures suggest wearing the engagement ring on the left hand so that there’s less weight on your dominant hand.

Stacking Your Wedding Band

There is no hard and fast rule about wearing only one wedding band; instead, you can go for a stack. According to Erin, the first rule of stacking is taking your time while deciding. The second rule is that there is no such thing as a sufficient number of rings.

Skip the Band

Again, there is no compulsion to wear a wedding band. If you think the engagement ring is enough, then go for it. It is your marital commitment, and it is all about you and your partner. Another way to spice things up is by getting matching tattoos or maybe a bracelet with your favorite stone.

Wearing the Ring as a Necklace

On days when you want zero weight on your fingers, you can style your engagement ring or wedding band as a necklace; that way, it can stay close to your heart too. Erin believes that it’s the significance of the engagement ring that matters and not the actual ring. It symbolizes your relationship with your partner, so you should wear it the way you want.