Wedding Dress Designer Releases New Line With A Touch Of Shakespeare

A British bridal wear designer has unveiled its stunning range of stylish wedding dresses. The designer aims to add a more feminine, graceful quality to wedding dresses.

designer 1

Chanticleer is the name of the designer and is best known for its stylish, handcrafted wedding dress collection. And the company’s most recent collection, “Shakespeare in Love” is taking the company’s mission to the next level.

The head of the company, who goes by the name of Tracey Salt, is adding elegant designs with lace fittings, beautiful necklines, and sequin patterns. A photoshoot for “Shakespeare in Love” line was taken in 2015 at the Hampshire venue Penton Park. The wonderful images perfectly capture the sheer beauty that has been conveyed from these dresses.

According to Tracey, “A Chanticleer Bride is a woman who knows her own mind and style, who has a vision of what she wants but who needs me to inspire her creative side.”

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Tracey’s operation is with a small but talented team, with a combined 60+ years worth of experience. All that Tracey wants is for top quality dresses and that her designs retain the British heritage she built the company from.

“It’s really important to personally ensure the second-to-none quality of every gown leaving our studio,” she said. “Which is why I appreciate the work of my trusted team so much. All of our dresses are not only made in Britain, but crafted by our close-knit expert team.”

The goal of “Shakespeare in Love” is to give prospective brides the chance to dress in an elegant and traditional way. The diverse range of styles and materials ensure a vast collection for different tastes.

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“The Shakespeare in Love collection encapsulates the beauty and fragility of a love story from a bygone era, represented by style icons include Shakespeare’s ‘Juliet’ and ‘Ophelia;’ both of whom are strong passionate woman,” she said. “These character-filled dresses are all very close to my heart for many different reasons.”