The Two Wedding Dresses Trend and Why it Should Be Considered

If you’re having a hard time choosing between two wedding dresses, let us stop you. Why not buy both? That’s right; the two wedding dresses trend is stronger than ever, and it might be time to consider it as a part of your big day, too.

The Two Wedding Dresses Trend and Why it Should Be Considered

Why Choose Two Dresses?

Do you still find yourself wondering why you would buy two wedding dresses? Many brides find it tough to choose just one look for the day. Having two varying gowns means that you can have the best of both worlds. It means that brides can have the dress with the long train or the grand ball gown for the main ceremony before slipping into something a little sleeker for the evening.

A Historic Trend

Believe it or not, but having two wedding dresses isn’t a new trend. It actually started back in the ’30s when brides would change into a second gown for their grand exit. This was typically when newlyweds would head off on their honeymoon. The dress would usually be made from a wedding-style skirt paired with a suit jacket.

The Two Wedding Dresses Trend and Why it Should Be Considered

Deciding When To Change

Every bride usually has their own idea about when they’d like to change into their second wedding dress. Many eventually opt to switch between the main ceremony and the reception. This allows time for photos in the main gown as well as a chance to freshen up in the new look before returning to the guests.

Two-In-One Dresses

If you’re still not convinced by the two wedding dresses trend, then what about a two-in-one dress? Modern designers have also created dresses that can be altered between the ceremony and reception without having to buy two separate gowns with simple accessories or removing straps.

The two wedding dresses trend is here to stay. Could it be time to think about investing in two gowns for the day instead?