It’s Finally Here: The Only Purse You’ll Ever Wear To A Wedding Again

The modern woman’s search for a good purse to carry her things has gone on for what feels like an eternity. The results so far? Everything from large tote bags that swing in every direction and invite you to throw your entire life inside, to small clutches that require neverending gripping while barely fitting your phone. Of course, of all the bags that have been created, none of them are the perfect fit for every situation – especially not a wedding.

At least, until now.

It’s Finally Here: The Only Purse You’ll Ever Wear To A Wedding Again

So far, the search has left us emptying our wallets over every shade of every sized purse we can find, in order to make sure we have the right one for the right outfit and occasion. Let’s not kid ourselves. With all the purse varieties out there, it’s hard NOT to buy them all. But this new purse might just have your entire purse closet beat, for good. It’s small and easy to carry. It fits all the essentials, but nothing more – helping you dump out the useless things that you always end up throwing into purses with too much space (and then forgetting them there for a year). It’s called…

The micro bag.

And it’s perfect for weddings. Let’s count the reasons why. For one, it has a flexible and comfortable shoulder or wrist handle that’s reliable to stay on without you paying much attention. Are you thinking that we’re thinking? (Hint: it rhymes with thinking). Another plus is that thanks to their size, there’s more freedom for patterns and textures on a canvas that isn’t large enough to totally overpower an outfit. Hello, creativity!

Last but definitely not least: its size. It’ll hold what you need, but it’s still small enough to follow you onto the dance floor or out to that beautiful balcony for some fresh air – and that perfect panorama you’ve been waiting to capture with your phone.

It’s Finally Here: The Only Purse You’ll Ever Wear To A Wedding Again

There is, of course, a downside…you probably can’t shove any snacks inside to tote home with you after the wedding. All the more reason to enjoy yourself there.