Zoë Kravitz’s Engagement Ring: Get the Look

Reddit // u/shynailgirl

When Zoë Kravitz made a dazzling entrance at Kendall Jenner’s Halloween party alongside Channing Tatum, her Rosemary Woodhouse costume wasn’t the only showstopper. The seven-carat cushion-cut diamond engagement ring adorning her left hand sent ripples through the media, confirming the couple’s engagement status. Mounted in 18k yellow gold and blackened white gold with a bezel setting, the ring became an instant style icon, echoing Kravitz’s distinct taste for diamond jewelry. According to experts at Steven Stone, the estimated $300,000 ring symbolizes individuality, romance, adventure, and tradition—a perfect embodiment of Zoë’s unique style. Here are five ring styles that are similar to Kravitz’s.

Brilliant Earth’s Noemi Bezel Ring

Dive into modern elegance with Brilliant Earth’s Noemi Bezel Ring. The bezel-set beauty, featuring an emerald-cut facet, offers a glamorous twist to your engagement ring choice. Crafted in platinum, this stunning piece not only captivates with its design but also ensures strength and durability, making it a perfect match for those enchanted by Zoë Kravitz’s iconic ring.

Photo from Brilliant Earth

Set on a golden glittering affair with Grown Brilliance’s Lab-Grown Diamond Ring. The 14k yellow gold band, coupled with the bezel setting and an emerald-cut center stone, creates a dazzling effect. This lab-grown sparkler is designed for those drawn to the gold finish of Kravitz’s band, promising an impression-worthy engagement ring that radiates both beauty and sustainability.

Marrow Fine’s Isla Bezel Solitaire Ring

Discover timeless sophistication with Marrow Fine’s Isla Bezel Solitaire Ring. For those seeking a simple and minimalist feel, this engagement ring presents an oval-cut diamond set in 14k white gold. With a tasteful one-carat size, it exudes classic charm and elegance. The Isla ring is the epitome of understated beauty for the discerning bride.

Photo from Marrow Fine

Unleash head-turning uniqueness with KATKIM’s Floating Cosma Oval Diamond Ring. The bezel-set diamond with a floating center stone sets this ring apart, creating a captivating design. If you’re in search of a ring that mirrors Zoë Kravitz’s distinctive quality, this piece offers an elegant and unique alternative with its enchanting design.

Shahla Karimi Jewelry’s Bezel-Set Moval Ring

Indulge in vintage glamor with Shahla Karimi Jewelry’s Bezel-Set Moval Ring. Boasting a two-carat diamond, this engagement ring echoes Kravitz’s style with its yellow-gold finish and bezel setting. The Art Deco-inspired design and East-West oval setting provide a unique and classic edge, making it an exquisite choice for brides desiring a touch of vintage charm in their ring.

Photo from Shahla Karimi

No matter what style you’re after, jewelers have plenty of options for you to get the same sophisticated vibe as Zoë Kravitz. These are only a few of the plethora of options out there!