5 Common and Unbelievable Mistakes That Grooms Always Make

Organizing a wedding isn’t as simple or straightforward as most people think. Furthermore, it isn’t the bride’s job to take care of everything. Men also have their role to play before they get to put on their tuxedo, lace up their dress shoes, and say “I do”. Here are common mistakes that many grooms make and some of them are truly unbelievable.

Groom on a wedding dayForgetting to Announce the Engagement

As soon as your significant other says “yes”, pick up the phone and call your family and closest friends. They’ll want to hear the news from you and not from a Facebook or Instagram post. Popping the question is a major milestone that your loved ones will want to experience with you. Also, do NOT make the mistake of calling your ex. Instead, enjoy the place you are in right now. Your past lovers will find out about your engagement on their own.

couple kissingThe More Surprises, the Greater Chance for Mistakes

Too Many Surprises

Try keeping surprises during the wedding planning to the bare minimum. Be open about what you want instead of putting your partner in the uncomfortable position of dealing with the consequences of major unilateral decisions that haven’t been discussed. However, don’t be afraid to keep things exciting and fun with one or two surprises.

mistakes loading background signNot Taking Part in the Wedding Planning

As aforementioned, grooms aren’t exempt from the wedding planning process. Offer to look through the ideas of your future spouse and spare your opinion about them. Take some of their responsibilities (e.g vendor scouting or price negotiations) off their shoulders so they can have more time and energy to organize the most important day of your lives.

Close-up of beautiful worried bride at park

Guest List First, Invites Second

Handing Out Verbal Invites

Handing out verbal invites is among the most frequent mistakes made by grooms. Tossing out invitations before you have discussed the guest list with your significant other can harm your wedding budget. It can also create tension between you and your friends as you may end up revoking your invites.

Getting Drunk the Night Before

a guy talking on the phoneWeddings are long and tiresome, which is why grooms must do their best to be fresh throughout the event. Getting drunk the night before will make things harder and can even ruin your mood. Keep it easy the night before so everything can go smoothly on D day.

While some mistakes will be made between your engagement and the moment you walk down the aisle, you can at the very least try to avoid the ones that are mentioned above.