The Five Stylish And Timeless Accessories For The Groom

Weddings revolve mainly around the bride and her outfit, but it wouldn’t hurt a little to throw some spotlight of the groom. On their wedding day, grooms can steal some attention from their brides by adding these accessories to the clothing;

The Five Stylish And Timeless Accessories For The Groom

Socks with prints

For a groom to look ultraposh on his wedding day, he needs to don a stylish pair of printed socks. Printed socks go well with a good tux. A groom is always confident to flash his shoes when he has a great pair of socks on. Soxfords socks which cost $24 is what every groom needs to be picture-perfect.

Classy Cufflinks

Before walk down the aisle with your better half, cop yourself a pair of high-end cufflinks. One that comes to mind is the David Donahue cufflinks which retails at $225. These accessories are best suited for casual and formal ensembles. Its neutral hue makes it a perfect match for suits which come in different colors. The good thing about these modern cufflinks is that the groom can use them after his big day.

Designer Sunglasses

Sunglasses are perfect accessories for receptions which are done outdoors. They help to reduce the sun rays that affects the eyes of the groom. In a nutshell, sunglasses serve the groom two purposes- part fashion, part protection. Fashion brand Ferragamo has a stylish pair of portable sunglasses which is sold for $245. Still not convinced? These sunglasses will keep your eyes safe during summertime.

A classic wristwatch

Planning to look dapper on your wedding day? Slap a vintage watch on your wrist and watch heads turn. A classic wristwatch is a luxury item that you will make you the cynosure of all eyes. Make your wedding look ultrasmart by adding a valuable timepiece.

The Five Stylish And Timeless Accessories For The Groom

A high-quality leather belt

A good leather belt is not just a statement piece, it is an investment. When shopping to look majestic on your wedding day, do not forget to throw in a high-grade leather belt. A good quality leather belt will last you a long time, so it is worth every penny. What’s more? The memory of the first time you rocked the belt will forever be etched in your memory.