The Advised Ways To Announce You’re Engaged

The time you have been waiting for has finally arrived and you have a shiny diamond gripping onto your fourth finger. Congratulations, you’re engaged! What do you do next? Hopefully, you spend some time absorbing what just happened and take in the moment with your spouse-to-be. But let’s face it, you just want to tell the world!

Despite the many pre-engagement comments that you “would not post anything on social media until all the important people know,” we know people can’t help themselves and waste no time. But what is the best way to go about telling those nearest and dearest to you whilst also making sure those ex-boyfriends get to see how happy you are now?


There is nothing worse than your Auntie Dot calling you up moaning that long-distant cousin, Sharon, found out before she did! So before posting on social media, make sure to tell your family and close friends in person. You will be smothered with a variety of hugs and kisses but nonetheless, you will feel overjoyed with love by the reactions.

If distance does not allow this, pick up the phone to share the intricate details that the person on the other end is dying to hear. Even better, FaceTime your friends to show off the ring and take that surprised screenshot that will get posted online later.

Social Media – But Try To Wait At Least 10 Minutes

Now for all those next best people that need to know but you don’t have the time or don’t want to call up. Create that perfect status and recapture the moment with a picture to post on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or even all of them. Watch as the likes and comments come flooding through, this is only the beginning.

Moment Of Fame

The attention is all on the two of you so make the most of it and get your story in the local paper so the kind neighbors and your local butcher know too! Whether it’s a small caption in the “Announcements” section or an entire article on your love story and how he popped the question, make sure to get a copy and cut it out for a keepsake.

Reveal In Style

Why wait until the big day when you can have a mini (or big) one now? Celebrate the engagement with a party (and lots of booze) by inviting all your family and friends along. Whether they already know the news or not, this is a great way to make it official.