How to Avoid the Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

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Wedding planning can be extremely overwhelming and stressful, which makes it easy to mess up. Anytime emotions and tensions are high, one can overlook seemingly obvious things because they’re so hyperfocused. Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered by reminding you of the most common wedding planning mistakes and how to avoid them.

Not Having a Clear Budget

Unless money is truly not an issue, and you’re prepared to spend any amount, setting a budget is extremely important. It can be surprising how quickly wedding costs add up, and it’s easy to let things get out of hand. Event stylist Denise Lillie O’Neal says, “I always suggest that couples prioritize spending the most on what is most important to them and then working down from there.”

Waiting Too Long to Book Everything

Your love may last forever but that perfect venue’s open dates won’t. If you have your heart set on a specific place, date, or vendor, book as early as you can. The recommended time is 12-18 months in advance but if you know what you want even sooner, go for it! If you’re running a bit behind schedule in your planning, don’t worry, that just means you’ll have to work a bit harder to get everything done. O’Neal explains, “If you have a year to plan, that’s fantastic, but six months can also get it done if you’re goal-oriented and motivated to move forward.”

Not Having a Plan B

It’s better to have a backup plan that you never need than not have a backup plan when you need one. If you have an outdoor venue, figure out what to do if it rains. Have a plan in case one of your vendors doesn’t show up. Buy wedding liability and cancellation insurance. We know it’s not fun to think about things not going smoothly, but it will all work out if you have a plan in place.

Not Enjoying Yourself

There’s so much stress and pressure around weddings that it’s easy to forget to actually enjoy the day. Event planner Alicia Mae says, “With all of your planning leading up to the wedding day, make sure to take date nights with your significant other where you do not speak about the wedding at all. On the wedding day, give your phone to your planner so you are able to enjoy and be in the moment.”

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Isn’t actually celebrating your love the whole point of a wedding anyway?!