This Bride Turned Her Mom’s ‘80s Wedding Dress Into a Chic Two-Piece Set for Her Welcome Dinner

Instagram // @devlambur

Devon and Dylan Lambur decided to tie the knot five years after they first met, and to commemorate this special occasion, Devon’s mom decided to give her daughter the wedding dress she had donned on her big day in the ‘80s. Although Devon hadn’t initially pictured herself walking down the aisle in her mom’s dress, she felt deeply touched by the sentiment and resolved to incorporate the gown into her wedding festivities in a unique way. After some creative brainstorming, Devon found the perfect solution!

The Recreation

Devon’s creative vision sparked when she spotted a stunning high-neck wedding outfit. Inspired by this, she saw potential in her mother’s vintage gown to wear at her welcome dinner. Taking the dress to Eliza, a talented seamstress at Cozynest Custom Apparel & Alterations in St. Louis, Missouri, the transformation journey began.

Eliza meticulously reimagined the four-decade-old dress into a contemporary two-piece ensemble, crafting a long-sleeved blouse paired with lace-embroidered pants. The entire process took eight months of precise reworking, around 30 hours of trips to the alterations shop, multiple mock-ups, and approximately $1,000.

The Mother’s Reaction

Initially apprehensive about altering her mother’s cherished dress, Devon found her mother to be supportive and engaged throughout the process. Involving her in every fitting, Devon ensured her mother’s involvement at every turn. She regularly Facetimed her mom to keep her in the loop and get her opinion. The final look, shared in a TikTok video after her wedding, garnered an impressive 560,000 views.

Instagram // @devlambur

Apart from the wedding dress, Devon also worked an extra sentimental gesture into the wedding. In another TikTok video, she revealed that just before walking down the aisle, she played a heartfelt voice note that encapsulated her anticipation and joy of marrying Dylan. The recording aimed to evoke a teary response from her groom. Her thoughtful gesture hit the mark, eliciting emotional tears not only from the groom but also from the best man.