Real-Life Castle Wedding Destinations

Real Castles for Wedding Day Bliss

The allure of a castle wedding can make you feel like royalty on your special day. Fortunately, the allure of castle weddings isn’t limited to European royalty; many stunning venues exist right here in the United States.

Château d’Esclimont, France

Château d’Esclimont, France

Step into a world of opulence at Château d’Esclimont, a French haven located just outside Paris. With 52 guest rooms spread across 150 acres, this resort offers a breathtaking setting for your wedding day.

Belvoir Castle, England

With the ability to accommodate up to 130 guests, Belvoir Castle exudes aristocratic charm.

Boldt Castle, Canada

Seated on the St. Lawrence River, Boldt Castle is a 120-room fairytale property on Heart Island, right at the Canada-U.S. border. This castle was built by George Boldt, the former owner of NYC’s Waldorf Astoria, for his beloved wife.

Rosecliff, Rhode Island

Rosecliff, Rhode Island

Rosecliff in Rhode Island seamlessly marries French sophistication with American charm. Inspired by the Grand Trianon of Versailles, Rosecliff offers opulent interiors and stunning grounds.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

Nestled amidst the German countryside, Neuschwanstein Castle offers majestic views and a fairytale setting. While once a royal residence, it’s now open to the public and can be a truly enchanting wedding venue.

Oheka Castle, New York

Who says you need to cross the Atlantic for a European-style castle wedding? Oheka Castle in New York will transport you to another era with its elegant architecture and refined ambiance.

Hluboká Castle, Czech Republic

For couples seeking a Renaissance-inspired castle wedding, Hluboká Castle in the Czech Republic presents a dreamy option.

Biltmore House, North Carolina

Built over a century ago by George Vanderbilt, the Biltmore House in North Carolina offers grandeur and elegance. With space for up to 500 guests, the estate’s lush surroundings provide a captivating backdrop.

Ashford Castle, Ireland

Nestled in the serene Irish village of Mayo, Ashford Castle stands as an 83-room hotel steeped in medieval-style architecture. With a history dating back to 1228, this castle offers a picturesque backdrop overlooking the Irish countryside.

Gillette Castle, Connecticut

For those who adore the allure of a castle wedding but are budget-conscious, Gillette Castle in Connecticut presents an ideal solution. Originally constructed in 1919, the castle’s historic ambiance offers a unique backdrop for your fall wedding.