De-Stress While Wedding Planning With Bridal Therapy

One of the greatest fears of wedding planning is that you or your friends will transform from an otherwise reasonable person to a nightmare of a Bridezilla. The term is not flattering for a reason, given the exacting measures may brides take to try and make their special day absolutely perfect.

Suddenly they’ve gone from a person who cares not one whit about design to one who is demanding tables and chairs to their exacting measurements, when it won’t make a difference either way. It’s not unreasonable for someone to be more likely to lash out when under that much stress, but given the sheer number of factors at play, it’s fair to suggest that brides may need a little extra help.

That’s where bridal therapy comes in. Landis Bejar is a licensed therapist who practices in New York City, where she realized just how many brides were entering into unhealthy mental states during the time they were planning their weddings.

“Expectations coupled with all this unique pressure to create a ‘perfect day’ can turn you into somebody that you don’t even identify with,” she told “But there’s no reason that anybody needs to feel that way. It’s okay to take ownership of feeling emotionally balanced and healthy during this exciting, but admittedly stressful time.”

According to Bejar, her therapy service, which she’s named Aisle Talk, goes hand in hand with wedding planning, helping to walk prospective brides through the nitty gritty of staying sane while in the midst of organization.

“As soon as we’re engaged, we start making checklists of how we’re going to take care of ourselves,” she explained. “We hire a personal trainer, and figure out a health and beauty and skincare plan. Why aren’t we talking about and taking care of our emotional wellness in the same way?”