Your Ultimate Guide To Seasonal Wedding Flowers

Flowers are the perfect addition to any wedding, but they’re not exactly cheap. There’s a high chance that you want your wedding to be perfect, which is why it’s important to choose wedding flowers that are in season when it comes to your big day. That’s because they will not only be cheaper, but they will also be the perfect quality!

Your Ultimate Guide To Seasonal Wedding Flowers


There are so many options when it comes to a Spring wedding, and you really can choose from all kinds of colors and bouquets. The likes of lily of the valley, sweet peas, ranunculus, tulips, and more are the perfect addition to any big day.


If you’re planning a Summer wedding, you’ll be happy to know that you really can go big or go home with this season. That’s because flowers such as peonies, freesias, delphiniums, roses, and hydrangeas are out in full force. These can help to bulk out your bouquet for less.

Your Ultimate Guide To Seasonal Wedding Flowers


The Fall season is all about deeper tones and darker colors, and it’s safe to say that there are some stunning flowers on offer. Whether you choose from dahlias, gerberas, gladioli, sunflowers, or poppies, these richer tones can add a sense of sophistication to your wedding.


If you’re looking to create a winter wonderland, softer tones will help you do just that. Flowers such as berried ivy, pussy willow, Christmas roses, and hyacinths will allow you to add the soft touch of a flower without taking the attention away from the rest of the wedding.

Are you currently planning your wedding day? Flowers transform a wedding ceremony and the reception, but it’s important to remember that when you choose a season to get married in, you are also choosing a certain category of flowers!