Sending Love: How to Create the Ideal Holiday Cards as a Couple

Your Guide to the Perfect Holiday Cards for Couples

There’s something special about receiving a physical holiday card in your mailbox, especially when you’re not expecting one. These tangible greetings remind us that our loved ones are thinking of us during the festive season.

Marissa Cedarleaf, general manager of Holiday and Weddings at Minted, recognizes the significance of this tradition. Here are some expert tips on how to create memorable holiday cards as a couple.

Design and Photos

Before diving into the creative process, decide on the card’s overall design. Minted offers a wide selection of holiday greeting cards, ensuring there’s an option for every couple. You can opt for a holiday-specific style or go for a simple, seasonal design.

Design and Photos

Once you’ve settled on a design, it’s time to delve into your photo albums. Newlyweds and engaged couples often have a surplus of photos to choose from, and Cedarleaf suggests that the ideal holiday card harmoniously blends photography with design.

Craft a Meaningful Greeting

When it comes to greeting, Cedarleaf recommends being truthful and straightforward. There is something that is universally charming about a “Happy Holidays” message no matter the specific holiday.

You can also opt for sayings like peace, love, and joy to convey your warm wishes. Alternatively, if you’re changing your last name or looking for something fun, consider a greeting that emphasizes your new or soon-to-be new surname.

Make it Enjoyable

Remember, the process of creating holiday cards should be enjoyable. It’s a special tradition that allows you and your partner to reconnect with loved ones!