Inside One Couple’s Wedding Fully Inspired By Aspen

Many couples find inspiration for their big day in all kinds of ways. One couple’s wedding was fully inspired by Aspen, thanks to the bride’s family’s home and their first vacation together. Now, they were left finding ways to incorporate the dramatic landscape into their big day.

Fully Decorated

Natasha wanted to stick to tradition when it came to her wedding. She opted to have henna tattoos applied to her hands and her lower arms, while the entire thing was complete with gifted jewelry. Natasha’s family gifted bangles, gold earrings, and a necklace for her big day.

Setting The Scene

Guests to Natasha and Marc’s wedding needed to get their hiking boots on and prepare for a ceremony with a view. They all rode in a gondola to the Aspen Mountain, where the ceremony took place 11,000 feet above sea level. This was just the beginning of their Aspen-themed wedding.

The Perfect Metaphor

They say that it’s lucky for it to rain on your wedding day. In the end, Natasha and Marc agreed that the stormy sky was the perfect metaphor for their marriage. They know there will be stormy days to come, but they will always be by one another’s side.

Exiting In Style

Even Natasha rode in a gondola to the top of the mountain before she walked down the perfectly decorated aisle. The pair took part in several Indian traditions before exchanging wedding rings and saying their vows. Walking off into their new life as newlyweds meant the photographer could take advantage of the incredible backdrop that comes with Aspen.

Aspen is a beautiful area at the best of times, let alone when it comes to a wedding. In fact, one couple loved the place so much that they wanted to use it to inspire every aspect of their big day. Aspen, you’ve done it again.