Minimalism – the Predominant Wedding Trend for Newlyweds in 2021

Due to the restrictions that took place in 2020, Brides and grooms had to rethink their grand wedding plans and opt for more intimate settings. Wedding elopements and mini ceremonies were on the rise, and that trend has carried into 2021. Modern couples are opting for minimalism both in the scale of their wedding party and the wedding dress design.

small wedding on the beachSmall Weddings Are Not a New Trend

This trend has been gathering strength for several years as the new generations of brides and grooms begin to find more merit in celebrating with their closest family and friends. Instead of a string quartet and a massive hall full of hundreds of guests, contemporary couples are opting for intimate ceremonies. Even with the guest list shortened and the decor made more discrete, modern couples still create unforgettable events that are shared with those most important to them.

minimalism in wedding dress stylesMinimalism in Wedding Dress Styles

In place of the classic, fairytale princess cut, many modern brides prefer simple elegance and a dress they can move and dance in, to their hearts’ content. Wedding dress designers have been receiving many more requests for minimalistic styles. The trend translates to the use of quality fabrics and styles custom-tailored to the personality and preferences of the bride. Many designers have responded to the modern bride’s preferences by releasing lines that truly showcase the elegance and beauty of minimalistic designs.

a brideModern Brides Are Ethical Shoppers

In addition to the minimalism of modern dress design choices that they make, modern brides are far more aware of the global issues the clothing production industry faces than many previous generations were. As ethical shoppers, they do extensive research before making a purchase. This is done in an effort to make sure that the dress for their special day, including all the fabrics used, is made through an ethical line of production.