How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Readings For You As A Couple

If you’re currently in the midst of your wedding planning, there’s a high chance that you’re pretty excited. However, planning your perfect day isn’t easy, and it takes a huge amount of time and effort to make sure all of the finer details are set in place. One of the things some couples sometimes overlook is the wedding readings.

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Readings For You As A Couple

Talk To The Right People

Although you might already have an idea in mind when it comes to your wedding readings, it’s important to talk to the right people before you make your decision. That’s because some religious ceremonies do not allow couples to include the readings of their choice. There are often strict rules when it comes to straying from tradition, so make sure you can add your own personal touch before doing so.

Make It Personal

Your wedding day is one of the only days in your life where you get to make it all about you. This also includes your wedding readings. While you can give in to family pressure, why not make your readings personal to you, your partner, and your relationship? Focusing on a topic, such as loyalty, friendship, or creativity, you can choose a reading that surrounds these topics that mean so much to you.

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Readings For You As A Couple

Look For Inspiration

When searching for the perfect wedding reading, you can often get caught in cliches. You might follow the crowd, you might go for those that are the most popular, and you might not feel a personal connection to it. So, look for inspiration elsewhere. You could choose a reading from your favorite song, movie, or even your TV show. The choice is yours.

Choosing the right wedding readings for you can be difficult, but they don’t have to be.