Helpful Pre-Wedding Weight Loss Tips – Lose Weight In A Week!

Need to Shed A Few Extra Pounds Before Your Wedding Day?

The day of your wedding is one you’re likely to remember for the rest of your life. So it’s important for you to look and feel your best. While many might agree that all the running around before your wedding is enough to help you lose weight, there are some simple tips and techniques you can utilize to help you lose that extra weight fast!

Cut Out Carbs – Focus on Lean Proteins

It’s important that you focus on cutting out any carbs at least 10 days before your wedding. This will have a drastic effect on how much water-weight your body will retain. By doing this alone, you’re likely to lose a pound or two in no time. Focus on nourishing your body with healthier, lean proteins such as eggs and small portions of lean meat and fish.

Reduce Your Water Retention

Most of the weight you’ll be focussed on shedding is water-based, so it’s imperative to focus on finding ways to reduce the amount of water your body holds. Try using dandelion extract supplement on a daily basis and ensuring that you drink at least 2-3 cups of organic coffee daily. These will allow you to flush out toxins and reduce your bodies water retention fast!

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise!

The best way to lose weight is through consistent amounts of exercise. Increase your daily activity and focus on high-intensity interval training. This means short bursts of highly intensive training (like short sprints followed by brief moments of rest) or a daily long walk. This helps to increase your metabolism and will allow you to burn fat quickly.

Avoid All Junk Food

As a rule of thumb, we should avoid junk food more often than not. But you should especially avoid all junk food at least a month before your wedding day. This will reduce your carb intake significantly and ensure that your body is healthy. Fast food often contains the highest amounts of monosaturated fats, artificial flavorings, and preservatives – all of which are a big no-no for your weight.