The 4 Running Lists To Keep Before Your Big Day

Planning a wedding is exciting but can also be stressful at the best of times. Having to plan the budgets, the guest lists, and all the in-betweens could take over your mind until the big day approaches. However, wedding planning can be that little bit easier if you keep these four running lists.


1. Guest List & RSVPs

While you may have written out your initial draft for your guest list in a notepad, or even on your smartphone, the next step would be to create a Google Doc or something similar so it can be saved, edited and shared. This way you can also include all your guests’ details which will make it easier once you need to send out the invites. This will also be a good idea when it comes to tracking RSVP’s as you can tick them off as they come in.


2. To-Do

Make a list of every task you need to do. From choosing your bridesmaids, to enlisting the help of a wedding planner, write it all down. Brides-to-be will get the overwhelming satisfaction of crossing things off the list as they go along, so it is a definite must, no matter how small the task is. Whether it is done on an app or in an old-fashioned notebook, it will keep you incredibly organized.

3. Gifts Received

After hosting an exceptional wedding for all your guests, it is time to thank them for their generous gifts. As a thankful bride, it will be good to keep a list of all the gifts you receive, and keeping track of it all will make sending out thank-you cards that little bit easier. It will also help with gift ideas when it’s your turn to be a guest!


4. “Day Of” List

The big day marks one of the best day’s of your life and, while the focus will be on marrying the partner of your dreams, focus some of your excitement on making sure it all goes to plan the night before, the day of, and the morning after. Much of the day’s organization is down to you, including the dress, your undergarments, even makeup remover. You want to make sure you are fully prepared.