Snowy Blizzard Adds Magic To Aspen Mountain Wedding

When a happy couple tied the knot on top of Aspen Mountain in September, they expected to have perfect conditions. A snowy blizzard interrupted their nuptials but ended up making the life-changing moment even more magical.

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People often read into the symbolism of weather on wedding days. So it made sense that Meghan and Arthur would be worried upon seeing the first snowflakes land on their wedding attire.

“Rain was in the forecast all week, and I was so nervous about how that would compromise our ceremony,” Meghan said. However, the raindrops soon turned into snowflakes, and gradually, a sense of relief came over everybody in attendance.

They originally expected to be surrounded by brown Aspen leaves. With a love of gnomes, Meghan made sure that little statues permeated the theme of the day. “I knew that I wanted a dress with long sleeves but had thought I’d choose more of an A-line skirt,” she said.

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With a champagne belt and cathedral-length veil to accompany her floral laced dress, Meghan was ready for her big day. Arthur too was suited and booted with his light-gray style.

The ceremony was literally a match made in heaven, with the ceremony taking place 1,212 feet high. As Meghan’s father walked her down the aisle, the snow was to everyone’s breath away.

“We wrote our own vows, and as soon as we started to read them, the sun came out,” Meghan said. “It was absolutely magical.”

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When all the snow stopped and vows were recited, newlyweds Meghan and Arthur proceeded with family and friends to have the party of their lives. This was one part of the day that went completely as planned.

With braised beef short ribs, butternut squash soup, and cheesecake on the menu, it was some of the best food that Meghan and Arthur had ever eaten. This was followed by a fantastic dance filled with catchy numbers.

“You put so much time, effort, and energy into planning a wedding, so when the day comes, make a promise to yourself that you’ll go with the flow and enjoy it,” Meghan said.

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“Once the wheels are in motion, there’s nothing you can do anyway! And who knows…sometimes the most unexpected surprises are the best ones!”