Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your First Wedding Anniversary – Paper

Can you believe that it’s almost been 365 days since you walked down the aisle? They do say that time flies when you’re having fun. If you’re looking for some thoughtful gift ideas for your first wedding anniversary, then look no further than these paper wonders.


Do you both love musicals? Maybe your favorite band is playing in town? How about heading to a drive-in version of your favorite movie? There are so many ways you can buy tickets for your wedding anniversary.

Photo Albums

The chances are that you already have your wedding photos printed. That doesn’t mean that you have to stop the collection. A photo album of your first year as a married couple can be a beautiful gift.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your First Wedding Anniversary – Paper

Art Prints

There is no limit to the number of art prints you can gift for your wedding anniversary. It could be anything from a painted portrait of your wedding venue to a map of the stars when you met and anything in between.


If your partner loves to write or draw, then saving up and spending a little extra on a journal can show them how much you appreciate their hobbies.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Your First Wedding Anniversary – Paper


Not all wedding anniversary gifts have to cost a fortune. In fact, some nice paper and time is all you need to write your partner some loving notes or promises they can use at a later date.


This is a great wedding anniversary gift for bookworms everywhere. If you have some extra to spend and know where to look, you could even track down a first-edition of their favorite novel.

Your first wedding anniversary shows you just how far you have come as a couple in your first year. Thankfully, there are many thoughtful gifts to continue showing your parnter just how much you still care.