Is This The Ultimate Country Wedding Ever?

Planning a wedding can see many of us take inspiration from many aspects of our lives. Some of us love a themed wedding, but could this be the ultimate country wedding ever? This couple certainly didn’t hold back with their theme.

Is This The Ultimate Country Wedding Ever?

Different Worlds

Alex O’Leary spends most of his days working on the farm where he is in charge of milking 215 cows. His now-wife, Becca, is employed as a maternity care midwife, and the pair live together in New Zealand. However, Alex is used to living in the country while Beca always grew up next to the beach. To top it off, their varied schedules mean the couple rarely get to spend time together.

Choosing Their Setting

Many guests believed the pair would opt for a beach wedding. That was until Becca announced that she couldn’t think of anything worse than letting the weather decide her day or having sand blow around the ceremony. Instead, Alex and Becca chose the Olive Tree Cottage – a farm in the countryside that still gave guests a view of the beach. Plus, they could hold the event both inside and out. It was perfect.

Is This The Ultimate Country Wedding Ever?

Sticking To The Budget

Alex and Becca decided they had a budget of $25,000 NZ – and they were determined to stick to their plan. Thankfully, they were able to borrow a wedding car from a friend and had other people lend their skills to help create different aspects of the decorations. The best bit? The couple were able to make their dreams come true without having to DIY anything themselves as they wanted to save the stress.

Is This The Ultimate Country Wedding Ever?

Adding The Finishing Touches

Thankfully, there were plenty of finishing touches to the country wedding. The couple had wedding John Deere tractors and even wore wellington boots for the photos. As if that wasn’t enough, the men wore tractor cufflinks while the reception was decorated with cow tags as the name tags on the table and a chandelier made from antlers hanging above the dancefloor.

As if making the ultimate country wedding wasn’t enough already, Alex and Becca were greeted to one of the hottest days of the year for their big day. Thankfully, their hard work saw them inject class and personality throughout the ceremony with ease.