Colorful Dresses Take The Stage At Bridal Fashion Week

An increasing number of brides have been forgoing the traditional white dress at their weddings, and the trend seems to be on the rise if these brightly colored offerings from Bridal Fashion Week are any indication. Here are a few of the most stunning dresses to hit the catwalk, in every color of the rainbow.

Pastel Pink

It might seem weird to call this dress by Kelly Faetanini bold, as pastel pinks are one of the most popular colors for non-white wedding dresses these days. With only a suggestion of color, this dress is a classic option for a delicate but still out of the ordinary dress.

Mermaid Teal


This multicolored dress is certainly sure to turn heads. With a mix of blues and greens in the delicate skirt, this gown certainly evokes the feeling of being in the swirling depths of the ocean. With blue, green, and lavender flowers crawling up the bodice and down the arm, the shape might not scream mermaid, but the rest of this does.

Burnt Autumn Orange

This burnt orange and deep gold dress by Carol Hannah might seem like it’s leaving wedding dress territory, until you consider just how perfect these colors could be for a rustic fall wedding. Evoking a sense of the changing autumn leaves, this iridescent chiffon dress is heavy in color but flows like the leaves blowing in the wind.

Baby Blue High To Low

There’s more that’s daring about this dress than the fact that it’s pastel blue and covered in colorful crawling flower embroidery. The high to low skirt is sure to help you make a daring statement at your wedding, but it’s not just any high to low skirt, it’s a bubble skirt, which gives the dress a cloudlike appearance.

Black And White

Black and white is always a classic, and this dramatic wedding dress is no different. With an elegant silhouette, it makes for a standout piece for any bride looking to walk on the wild side.